The Faltering Madonna by Caspian Hedberg

A faltering Madonna appeared before me,
hooly Fractured,
With dull ivory skull visible on the right side of her head,
Her beauty all the more graceful due to the flaw.
As she looked at me a tear fell from her eye,
The drop hit the ground,
hooly Exploded,
And a wave of wondrous emotion was hurled towards me.
I cried out as ineffable joy surged through my heart and filled my whole being,
hooly The same time welling up with tears.
The black bulbous insect-like eye on the exposed side of her face was a solemn
hooly reminder of the beauty of human will.
Rough like unpolished obsidian and endless in depth, this portal of seeing grew
hooly until finally the whole room was filled with darkness.
Terrified I stumbled back grasping for the lamp switch, failing to find it
hooly when suddenly,
My eyes where opened, and I saw the light of the dark.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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