My Cosmic Tour by Mandira Ghosh

I am lost in
The Cosmic Ocean.
As I return to
The shore
The earth

I collided with an ocean and
Like a child
I measured its vastness
Today I return to the dust
Cosmic dust.
He created the dust with
Brilliant ingredients.

Welcome planet earth
A place filled with blue nitrogen
Ocean filled with liquid water
Cosmos is alive in forests and meadows
I look for a maroon Cosmology in my imagination
But as I witness around
I witness depth of the fathomless blue
Emerging void
I a fulfilled self
Once again witness around
All fine, absolutely fine
But blindfolded
He has absolutely forgotten
To remove pain from life.
Pain from the planet
Planet as a forest in fire

Mandira Ghosh is the present treasurer of the Poetry Society(India) and has published eight books including three volumes of verses-Aroma,New Sun and Cosmic Tour. Recipient of several awards for verses, she has been awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.


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