The Sinking Duck by Turlach O’Brion

Amongst her buoyant raft of ducks
pausing from plashing to digest a little weed
exchanging the odd contented quaa
the waters surface,
warmed by a gift of a day,
began to accept a little more her,
gradually at first,
she put it down to a full stomach;
creeping up her plumage
she raised her wings to keep the bottoms from the surface
Her abdomen sank futher
Quaaa escaped her in astonished fear
Further sinking
The raft a paddle was in the thralls of late evening contentment
Affirming affirmations
The quaa murmuration continued
Quaaa! In undiluted terror
as the bottoms of her wings began to touch the water
The raft froze for and instant the next was all a flutter.
Amid a tumult of alarmed Quaaa’s and slapped water,
the raft rose.
Sinking, torso almost submerged
imploring quaaa!
The mountainous wakes of the departed filled her eyes
Her head sank beneath the water.
Half a second of panic passed
At a quarter perch beneath
Desperation overcame terror
She undulated and kicked
With all her strength
For the near bank
her stomach a harth stone, lungs a fire but,
the palmates kept kicking
Stirring mud,
Scraping mud,
Treading mud,
Paddling mud
As a two oared raft
She broke the surface
To a cacophony of quaaa’s
Exhausted and bewildered
Collapsed at the water’s edge
…………………………………….She breathed.


Turlach O’Brion is a 26 year old Barman, Historian, and Photographer living in Drumcondra, Dublin.


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