Spitting Out Night by Colin Dardis

I want a goddess to come
arch her golden compress around my feet
so that I may jilt her with highfalutin disinterest;
feel the bitterness of my empowerment,
beauty cast in the eye of the rejecter,
the gilded critic, the holder of the scales,
the broken competitor
now raggled as a hag, a dog
lapping up retirement from a chipped bowl
spat into by passing pedigree suitors
deeming her unfit and useless,
unworthy of speculation or contemplation,
the cherry orchard fallen,
a drift of Autumn on the branches of life,
the corrupted Eden, long lost and dead
to the mouths of the Olympians.
I understand the lust
in taking beauty’s hand
and burying scornful nails
into her still lake of flesh,
the perpetual virgin publicly deflowered
for there is no satisfaction found behind closed doors;
let the birds sing out in the open,
let the deer come laugh by the riverside
fleshly carved from her tears,
trickling with proffered blood extended
to the slick mountainside of her coveted lover.
She will find no foothold waiting
for her daintily-clad steps,
her talons find no purchase on the rock,
unforgiving as a summer nettle.
I have turned cheek and back
to her supplications,
feeling almost sorrow
to the echoes of her want.
Born at the tail end of the seventies in Northern Ireland, Colin Dardis is poet, artist, and sometimes musician. He edits FourXFour, an online journal focusing on poetry from the North of Ireland. He is also the founder of Purely Poetry, an open mic poetry night in Belfast, and a member of Voica Versa performance group. Colin’s work has been previously published in numerous anthologies, journals and zines in Ireland, the UK and the USA. His poem ‘Perhaps’, won the EdiyRed.com 006 Writer’s Choice Award for Poetry. Notable appearances include the Belfast Book Festival, Sunflower Fest, and the Belly Laughs Comedy Festival.

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