Man Walks Into Pantomime by Ben Thonett

Iv’e never written a poem to someone.
Maybe For whom it may concern,
concerned with readerly, with
friends, in mind. Iv’e always
written in red and write
before typed, buying red
typewriters, sending poetry
through wires and Dad
will complain that he can’t
see red. Red said the letters,
but black seen the words.
Red said that ”you’ve made
your point” and black
was shown visibly on television.
For example;
Take our hands, these hands
feel, read on a regularly basis. Bias
to the expense of hours spent
staring sleepily at slender
fingers, he’s always right.
He’s never lost,
he’s by our side. He’s always busy
and he always washes the
other hand with songs of hope before
meals. He couldn’t stop eating
if he tried. In addition, in addition,
in addition.
Ben Thonett is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.

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