Word by Mandira Ghosh

I am
These words
The ink that contains
The stars
The planets,
Endangered turtles near the ocean shores
Words that awakens the Lord from his divine slumber
Ink that records the heart beeps of the departed.
I am the word
Encircling the orbit
That encompasses time and space
Lines moving through the Inter galactic space
I am that word
Guarding the final frontier
Record the history
Historical truth or untruth
Sighs of women raped
Burnt fingers on the coal
The same coal that burns all to ash
Words, just words born to combat the words.
Words, just words discovered to combat the words
Today I am that word
That unveils the hidden
Script not yet deciphered, unguarded code
Unobtrusive, unorthodox, unrestricted, decoded code
Of recording
All sighs, all ahs of the world.

Mandira Ghosh is the present treasurer of the Poetry Society(India) and has published eight books including three volumes of verses-Aroma,New Sun and Cosmic Tour. Recipient of several awards for verses, she has been awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.


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