Necessity Is The Mother Of All Inventions by Ben Thonett

I think I’m scarred.
I think paradoxes double edged
sword has bullied my
plague of lost, confusion,
answered by answers
promised with delusion,
suffering trauma. This
body causes bleeding in
which this body can only
be held accountable. Blaming
my body for bleeding out
and passing out, too weak
to put my hand out and
too damaged to realise
that it’s not the stupid bodies
fault for bleeding. It’s
paradoxes bloody double edged
sword. Its torturous truths
dissect eyes; opening, blinding
for what feels like it could
be forever but I honestly
can’t see.
Recovery has few lights
on a crossroad. Shooting
down open minds
with catch two twos is like suicide
for me.

They are at this stage clear
to say that a paradox is a
paradox. I used to use
these dead ends as lights.
These lights are dark.
Now, 0=0 and calculus will
Not apply. I had different
lights. I have no reason
to be thankful because,
not only has the bleak void
disappeared but I am
too. The nothing has taken
me into some ones
sick twisted hellish nightmare
of nothing having value and
anything else equalling to zero.

Virtue – Stop calling; you parasitic
façade. And, for the love of all
nothing, something or anything;
Do not Dissect! I have been
called allot. I have been
virtuous enough not to call
back and now I have rang
out. No more answers, no

Ben Thonett is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.


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