Forms in Cosmos by Mandira Ghosh

Water filled beakers
Transparent lenses
Images of virtual water
In dry throats….

Touching the boundary of the real and unreal
Potters keep on touching the forms.
Delicate limbs, fragile
Quivering signs of movement
In motionless wings
A zigzag of veins
On wings of the butterflies
Moving in directions
In search of nectar.

The Potter creates on his wheel
An archetypal image of His body
In mosques, and churches
Monasteries and temples
Assembling fire and air
Earth and water
Forms unlimited
In dynamic earth
In this incomparable cosmos
Adding kinetics of your love
Can I breathe oceans of air?

Mandira Ghosh is the present treasurer of the Poetry Society(India) and has published eight books including three volumes of verses-Aroma,New Sun and Cosmic Tour. Recipient of several awards for verses, she has been awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.


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