The Wanderer by Geraldine O’Kane

A dirty mind, fogged up, clogged up – saturated
with the gorging of flesh like rabid animals fighting
for dominance over the frenzied urge of famined lips feasting.

limbs entangled in the aftermath, emanating in heat of embrace,
they hold each other sacred, palm on palm; this silhouette reposes
in the velvet lining of her coffin mind, to fend off coming winter words.

are you the one I have been waiting for;
to shake dead leaves embalming my limbs
after holy inoculation tor flesh from my bones;
naked and ashamed I am mute,
are you the door to make confidence a mutual friend.

are you the whisper, the breath,
the signal, the colour to awaken
artistic artistry from induced solitary confinement.

Based in Northern Ireland Geraldine O’Kane 30, has been writing poetry for over 10 years, she has had several poems published in local magazines and online e-zine’s, Black Cat Poems, Speech Therapy and Allo Trope, Short, Fast and Deadly. She has previously been part of a local writing group at the Craic Theatre and has performed some of her work in local Theatres and the Dungannon Borough Council Arts Festival. Her poetry is mostly inspired by observation and the human condition and emotion.           


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