I Take No Interest by Ben Thonett

This swallowing comes
only if
pride and mistaken
identity went up in
Flammable life.
Living in fire,
burning. Singed
mind, boiled.
pop water!
Meditation; like being
in some ones
rectum. Sighing
for silence for just
a moment.
Peace in this
hollow fulfilment is
not moving forward.
Not for me.
Not any more.
The back of my
mind is being towed
out from the back
of my mind. Dripping
down the back of
my throat like a
itching and eroding
through a reduced heart,
down a glass straw; blown
by hand, and sneaks
past frequencies.
My head is fucking
tired of this noisy
festival in which I
appear mute. Even
outside my head all
I hear is other
peoples voices. Here
are some words:
Hell freezes over,
coming over to a
new bright world
bouncy castle.
Well done grey world:
I am now sane
enough to take no

Ben Thonett is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.


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