Non Rhyming Ode To An Ignorant Xenophobe by Caspian Hedberg

Xenophobic vibrations stream out through your conical head,
As you bang out an archaic beat of fear,
Playing the minds of the ignorant young –
Dispossessed, lost and scared.

You’ve gone too deep into the cave,
Blinded by the darkness but also by yourself –
Do you even know what you’re following anymore?
Guided around by an unknown force,
It lures you in yet deeper.
(You go deeper but why not further?)

Pomp, pomp, pomp,
Fill yourself with Wagner-esque righteous emotion.
The ever-proud nationalist,
Ready to fight for the good of your nation,
(Who’s history you do not even know)
You can’t even see past your own stone lens,
Let alone grasp a vaster picture.

The ‘pure’ blood of your lineage,
Is as muddled as your mind,
But alas, maybe you where reared,
In a cave where the light never shined.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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