Maths Lad by Ben Thonett

From the other side of the poem.

He waits for you to turn back.
Wishing for that ripe life,
Some things will never change.
Like these parallel walls
stuck in marble
until they never meet.
Together Forever.
still waiting to pick up,
anything at all.
It’s jealousy
that freezes their being.
Being that cold,
being that Bitter.
Cooling their stitching.
Finishing your words.
say there is no one home,
leaving signals switched off.
Their signals are switched off.
You come inside
his thoughts like a virus/ love.
You stick around.
drift like minds wander.
Farther and Farther.
Till they’ve picked up
and gone forever.
Nothing to see,
and hoping to find it
at the bottom.
the top right off
another can of sorrow.
The lesser of two tests.
Waiting for their brothers bed.
Ploughing rings through
your fermented head.
In their dreams.
You start to pick up.
And it is clear.
Then they wake up.

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