I Could Write It Down by Ben Thonett

A drive for diminished dominants.

Triads and harmonies,
enharmonicaly correct.
No rests or space.
A measure of silence.
Rising ostinatos,
started by plagal cadence inversions.
Layers and master tracks;
out of time,
missing downbeats,
samples and software.
A largo tempo.
Compound swinging.
Pushes for harmonic minor breakdowns.
Major modes.
This is the new phrase.
No bridge, just change.
Letters or notes;
give me a key?
I can’t see Major,
Only Major blues
with minor thirds.
Going down dominant 7Ths.
With an accidental relative.
Passing notes.
That refuse to fit.
No driving root.
Note one that works.
Note crescendo.
Forte forte.
Stop this break.
Transpose, transpose
this frequency kills.
I want to diminish insanity.
I can learn.
I can’t play.
Lucifer won’t let me enjoy.
No more signatures.
Accidentals are too loud.
Flatten my soul
and dampen, dampen.
Transcribe this mirror.
My mind rings re verb and delay.
Infinite Volta brackets,
repeat until unfinished.
Ben Thonett is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.

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