As Above, So Bellow by Caspian Hedberg

Heaviness of heart comes
FnordWith heaviness of atmosphere,
And so, heaviness of atmosphere
FnordComes with heaviness of heart.

The wind blew up a gale through
FnordThe fragile environment
FnordOf his tarnished spirit,
The air was dank and oppressive,
And his breath stuck in his throat.
It’s been too many things for too long,
‘I wish I could just cough up this foul
FnordMental mucous that rest on my mind
FnordAnd weighs down my soul’

He sent out a powerful crying scrye,
FnordDeep into the depths of his being, pulled out his soul,
And spilled it all over the ground where he stood.
As it lay there in front of him he laughed and wept at
FnordThe multitude of variation,
And set about sifting through the pieces.
His senses where bombarded by
FnordAcrid, sweet, sour, floral and rancid scents,
And the universe danced around his eyes.

He looked up and saw the sky in motion,
Sinuous energy was guiding matter,
Unseen yet there, it’s presence was clearly felt.
Droplets fell down and wet the earth,
Nurturing the parched and yearning soil,
Out from his heart came a single tear,
Nurturing a parched and yearning soul.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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