The Crazy Yogi by Caspian Hedberg

For Ben.

Yoga is union
Union makes reality.

He bonds with the potential and the unseen
Conjuring up a new reality,
Alone in his bed at night his thoughts run wild
Invoking beasts of subjectivity,
Leave no stone unturned and no question unearthed!
Objectivity he has realised is the thing of illusion,
Naked and exposed he lies open to delusion,
Thinking thoughts of chaos, magick, and love,
Yet, as is his nature
Nothing is concrete,
And the crazy yogi is left in a state of defeat.
Both Jesus and Satan have inhabited his soul,
But now it is just he, who is in control,
As he sits on a couch smoking a cigarette,
Still thinking his thoughts and discussing them freely,
Creating constant new unions as the crazy yogi.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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