And Stop Pestering Those Girls At Bus Stop Pestering Those Who Have Eye’s by Ben Thonett

Dark green fear
clinging to my ear,
scaring me to deaf,
Empty sockets in my mind.
Justice attracts martyrs,
blinding hypocrisy;
who, hypnotise feelings
into reality.
I am angry;
aftermaths of telepathy,
electricity and chemicals
drilling, choking off
thoughts of after thoughts.
I am a low pupil,
teaching the great
mind; my mind
Do I mind?
Do I matter?
This mind does not
matter. This anger
does not matter.
Matter is, mind
isn’t and these
soulless eyes see no
This nose
smells only fear and my
fucking hands touch.
I fear this sensitivity,
smelling like ass!
sucking and cradling.
I want to be
petted, stroked made
I could relax, but,
I’ve been relaxed.
I miss the humility
of de-masculinity.
I miss you, love.
The last, the moved
on, the forgotten.

Ben Thonett is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.


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