Naive Realism by Caspian Hedberg

I feel the
fnord Rank revelry of retina’s witnessing the dance of delusion,
As I walk down any street in any town.
To lay witness to such false
fnord And foul objectivity,
Weighs heavy on the subjective mind.
fnord Scattered
Signals shower down on the senses,
The only true view is
No knowledge is whole,
Merely a sum parts,
fnord Life is witnessed in a constant lag,
And what is grasped is truly variable.
Every day is a constant awakening,
fnord Aching,
With the hangover of yesterdays inebriation.
fnord To let go, and shift, and skew,
Is a feat succeeded by surprisingly few.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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