Instant Thought by Colin Dardis

I will destroy
all the empty prophets
and self-declared legionnaires
of the flaccid newworldorder
pandering at the gates
of acceptance;

I will spit
in the eyes of the pissants
who write their epitaphs in chalk
but use the chisel on themselves
in order to be scarred-chic.

I will turn the gun away from myself
and target the vacuum,
netting charming charlatans in my scope
who are only willing
to publicise themselves.

They will not get my support anymore.
I will not add my water
to the freeze-dried, easy bake flippancies
they shit out of their pens,
expecting hero-worship as a reward
when they never get far enough from the toilet bowl
to raise a kingdom of their own.

Colin Dardis is a 32 year old poet originally from Tyrone, now based in Belfast. He runs a monthly open mic night called Purely Poetry in the Crescent Arts Centre, and is the editor of Speech Therapy, an online poetry zine. His poems have been published in various journals, ezines and anthologies in Ireland, UK, USA and elsewhere.

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