Fragmentations Of I Becomes Lost Inside by Caspian Hedberg

Many a girl have I fancied, lusted, and seen in the vulgar eye of my mind,
But with no other than you have I felt so closely entwined,
As I draw you in closer and I merge with you deeper,
fragmentations of I becomes lost inside.
As we stand naked before each other,
it is more than our clothes that have been discarded,
More than our skin which is exposed.
Opposite yet the same in a blur of caramel and white,
Flushed and radiating with an inner primal light,
We flow into each other, gushing seas of love and unity,
I bow down to no God, no superhuman ruler,
yet I’m deeply humbled and full of humility,
For the one unassuming master, love (under will)
The bringer of true tranquillity.

Caspian Hedberg is 21 years old and lives in Dublin.


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