The Roar by Caspian Hedberg

I heard a noise outside,
A bestial and masculine roar full of violent angst,
Like the final roar at the end of an epic tragedy,
Powerful and full of hopeless defiance,
Sent forth towards the atmosphere,
Challenging the chirpy song of birds,
Rising high above the city,
Hooly Electrically charged vibrations rained down upon me,
I may not understand you but I feel you,
We all feel the cage slammed shut,
And struggle to break free,
Often only managing to bend the bars,
Hooly The roar sprung forth again,
A behemoth born from the condensed vibration of your voice charged down
Hooly on Dublin, Europe, America, The World,
Spurred on by the roars of spontaneous realisation left in its wake,
Leaving unsettled the unquestioning,
Hooly Millions of hearts cried out in divine despair.

Caspian Hedberg is a young poet living in Dublin.


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